Compassionate and Thoughtful Home Care in Oregon

Each person is special, with a unique set of circumstances. Our mission is to enhance the life of every person we serve. Each individual we serve comes to us with a specific situation that allows us to tailor our Signature services to meet their individual style and needs.couple standing on their porch

Freedom and Independence

Freedom and independence are at the center of what brings quality to our lives. At Signature Home Care we strive to restore or maintain you or a loved one’s freedom and independence. We focus on the individual to relieve stress and work toward improving the quality of life for each person we serve.

Continuum of Care

Continuum of care is about Signature Home Cares ability to easily communicate with both the Signature Home Health and Signature Hospice teams as well as other levels of care to ensure cohesiveness and expediency in recovery.

Home Care support services can be very beneficial to those patients receiving Home Health or Hospice Services. Working as a team, with Home Health or Hospice helping to develop the Home Care service plan, directly assists in a more seamless Home Care program. Face to face communication between the Signature teams, develops a stronger, more personal plan of care. In the continuum of care model caregivers that a client has learned to trust while under one level of service, may continue to provide care under another level.

How it Works and What to Expect

1. Inquiry Call

Speak to a trained staff member regarding your specific needs and how Home Care can help. Schedule an appointment to meet with a Signature staff member in the convenience of your home.

2. Assessment

 Assessment is conducted by a trained staff member, in your home or location of care. For those requiring complex medical care, an additional nursing assessment is conducted by the Home Care Registered Nurse. There is no charge for the initial non-medical assessment.

3.Intake/Service Plan

During the intake process, we will guide you and/or your chosen representative to create a specific Service Plan, tailored to your individual needs.

5. Caregiver Assignment

We strive to match you with a caregiver who has the skills, experience, and personality that best suites your needs.

6. Quality Assurance

Our professional care managers visit you to ensure that:

      •  Appropriate and safe techniques are being used
      • The written service plan is being followed
      • The service plan meets care needs
      • The assigned caregiver is a good fit

Custom Service Levels to Meet Your Home Care Needs

We offer three unique levels of Home Care services that are customizable to fit your situation. We recognize that the needs of one individual can greatly differ from another’s. It is with this in mind that our levels of service relate to everything from assisting with housekeeping and activities of daily living to medication management and administration.

Click a Service Level below to find out how we can work together toward restoring your freedom and independence:

Personal Caregiver Services
Assistive Care Services
Direct Care Services