It is About the Journey, Not the Destination

Signature Hospice strives to create a pleasant experience for families and patients during what can be a difficult journey. With a devoted support team, our services focus on comfort, companionship, relief, peace, and resolution. For any journey, preparation and evaluation are essential. Before going on vacation, we make lists, research our destination, check the weather, and find a trusted person to care for our home. That is what Signature Hospice does so well. We prepare families for an anticipated journey through compassionate, thoughtful evaluation.Butterfly on Flower

Hospice Does Not Always Mean the End

A doctor prescribes Hospice Services; then the decision is reviewed and approved by a second doctor. Trusting the recommendation of the physicians is integral to the patient’s comfort. It is often the most difficult choice for families and the person involved to accept hospice services. A valid struggle exists between what might be best for the patient and not wanting to give up on therapy. However, patients may continue to decline under aggressive treatments. The mission of Signature’s Comfort Care is to enhance the life of every person we serve through a return to normalcy.

Comfort Care is a Beautiful Way to Honor a Life

The goal of Signature’s Comfort Care is to allow the patient to rest and promote the return of strength. By compassionately working to normalize events, routines, schedules, and more – relief, comfort, and time to enjoy life are attainable.

There are times when a person’s health improves through receiving Comfort Care. During this time, the patient graduates from hospice services and returns to therapy treatments. There is no Medicare penalty for graduating from hospice or cancelling the service at any time. Comfort Care is truly a benefit to all parties involved.

There is No Need to Fear Hospice Services

Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care Programs, and some Commercial Insurance programs provide financial coverage for hospice. Medicare and Medicaid pay 100% of hospice care, plus patient appropriate equipment and medications.