Student Pre-Rotation Requirements

Completion of the Exhibit A form is required for Student Placement with Signature Home Health and Hospice. The school is required to sign a Clinical Affiliation Agreement provided by Signature. Please reach out to Lee Whitlock for the Agreement. Any missing requirements present less than 30 days prior to the scheduled start date may result in a rotation being postponed and/or cancelled.

Click here to access and complete the Exhibit A form.

Students will receive a link to a required online application with onboarding paperwork to follow.



Who is responsible to complete and verify these requirements before beginning a rotation?


Schools must verify and provide written evidence demonstrating that a student has completed all requirements listed in these rules prior to starting a placement for the student at a clinical placement setting.


Who is responsible to pay for costs associated with these requirements?


The individual student is responsible for covering all costs to assure all required standards are met. The clinical placement settings are not able to pay for or otherwise administer any required screenings or tests.

Do I need to send copies of each of the actual documents to Signature Home Health and Hospice?


No, only the completed and signed Student Requirement checklist needs to be sent to Signature. You must keep all records on file at your program and make them available to Signature upon request.


My student has completed all but one required item.  Can my student begin the rotation?


No. Evidence of EVERY required item must be on records prior to the student entering the facility. Any missing requirements present less than 30 days prior to the scheduled start date may result in a rotation being postponed and/or cancelled.


Why do you need my student’s date of birth?


The Compliance department of Avamere Health Services, parent company of Signature Home Health and Hospice, protects the safety of the residents we serve by running monthly criminal background checks for all employees in our facilities. While students are not employees, they have direct contact with patients and must be checked as well.  A name and date of birth are needed to run these criminal background checks.


My school is in a different state than where the rotation will occur. Which requirements must my student meet?


Students must meet the requirements of the state where the rotation will occur, regardless of where the school resides. For example, if the student’s school is in Washington state but the student’s rotation will occur in Oregon, the student must meet all of the Oregon requirements on Exhibit A before beginning the rotation.


Why do students with a rotation in Oregon have significantly more requirements than other states?


In 2013, the Oregon Health Authority established standards for administrative requirements for health professional student placements in clinical training settings within the state of Oregon. The purposes of the standards are to mitigate inconsistencies that currently exist across clinical placements; to promote efficient solutions to reduce costs for students, schools and clinical placement sites; and to ensure patient, clinical staff and student safety.


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