Millcreek Hospice, Home Health Named HHQI Agency of the Month

hhqi-agencyofmonthMillcreek Home Health and Hospice – a member of Signature Hospice, Home Health and Home Care – was selected as the Home Health Quality Improvement National Agency of the month for May 2017. Home health agencies that are active in the HHQI National Campaign and closest to the national, risk-adjusted ACH 20th percentile and/or the national, risk-adjusted Oral Medication Improvement 80th percentile (or better) are eligible for random selection as HHQI Agency of the Month.

Care connect is our initiative as a company for progressive healthcare; a system of processes that we have put into place designed to prevent re-hospitalization. It was a program launched by our corporate office in Oregon more than 3 years ago that has proved great success with data to confirm. We have several tools available to identify patients at high risk for re-hospitalization.  We also have a staff of medical professionals including a Clinical Liaison and Nurse Practitioner that can help us adequately care for these patients, no matter their acuity, in their home or in the community with a significantly reduced chance for readmission to the hospital.  Our case managers provide extensive education to patients and their caregivers on oral medications and ensure compliance with these medications. 

Rochelle Alonzo, MSN, RN
Director of Professional Services
Millcreek Hospice, Home Health