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*Primary Care is currently offered only in Idaho and Nevada. Coming to Oregon and Washington soon!

Do you have a loved one residing in a facility, that has difficulty seeing their doctor? Signature has developed Primary Care for those residents who are having difficulty with Medical Concerns and struggle with the following:

  • When they become non-ambulatory
  • They are too sick
  • They no longer have a Primary Physician or Nurse Practitioner
  • They become too stressed to leave the facility

The goal of Primary Care is to provide the needed medical care and hospice services to those patients in facilities to help prevent a crisis in which they end up in the emergency room or intensive care.

Our Physicians, Nurse Practitioner, and LCSW’s provide advanced care planning and/or patient and family counseling, which can lead to choosing the most appropriate medical care.

How can Primary Care help?
Our Physicians, Nurse Practitioner, and LCSWs make trips to local facilities on given dates to help with your medical and counseling needs.

Do you want to know more about Primary Care? Click Here Or call us at (208) 642-9249

What is Primary Care?
A Primary Care Physician or Nurse Practitioner provides the basic medical care as well as “continuing care” of any patient struggling with medical concerns. Other specialized care may sometimes become involved, therefore a referral can become necessary, but the basic medical care is managed through Primary Care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a primary physician?
It is good to have a Primary Physician or Nurse Practitioner, who knows all the medical concerns and medications you become involved. They can manage your over-all care as needed, without starting over each time going through a complete medical exam. Also, appropriate medical records will become updated with each visit.

Will I need Primary Care when on hospice?
It is important to continue receiving the primary medical care so that any medical concern beyond any hospice care can be addressed. Many of our patients on hospice care receive such excellent care, they sometimes discharge from hospice. This being the case, they continue to need the basic medical care from their primary.

Where are Primary Care services provided?
They are provided in our three physician clinics, but mainly in local nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

What areas does Primary Care cover?
The Oregon and Idaho Treasure Valley.

What concerns are addressed?

  • Pain or discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of appetite
  • Constipation
  • Depression or Anxiety (or other counseling concerns)
  • Assistance with Advanced Directives

Services Provided by Primary Care

  • On-going care received from one of our Physicians or our Nurse Practitioner. This Care is available mainly in Assisted Living Facilities or Nursing Homes. Appointments can also be made in one of our Physician Clinics.
  • Clinical Counseling for patients and/or family members when faced with difficult medical decisions or emotional concerns.
  • Advanced Care Planning that helps the patient and family decide how to continue relieving symptoms, while receiving life-sustaining treatment.
  • Palliative Care Management can become a natural part of your Primary Care, if you struggle with Palliative Care Symptoms. Click Here to learn more about Palliative Care Symptoms.

Physician Clinic Locations:

Signature Services has three physician clinics that include Primary Care and Palliative Care consultation. The clinics are in three convenient locations across the Treasure Valley.

Clinic Locations:

312 3rd St South Nampa, ID 83651
2480 Highway 52 Payette, ID 83661

If you or your loved one resides in a facility, and has difficulty making visits to the Doctor’s office, you may also be interested in calling to arrange for a visit in facilities located in the Treasure Valley.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (208) 642-9249